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December 2013

As technology enables small businesses to compete in the global economy like never before, the misguided notion that “startups and 10-person shops don’t provide enough profitability for resellers” is being put to the test. According to Forrester Research, 32 percent of “very small businesses”- defined as having fewer than 20 employees - expect their IT security related spending to increase from 2013 to 2014. Flow many businesses fit those criteria? According to IDC, there are more than 75 million businesses worLdwide with 10 or fewer employees, with millions more employing 10-20 employees.That means nearly 100 million businesses with fewer than 20 employees are looking to spend more on IT security.

The Opportunity for Independent IT Resellers

The nearly 100 million owners of very small businesses worldwide aren't IT security experts, and they don’t want to become one, but they clearly see the value in improving their security posture. They want to run their business, knowing they have a trusted partner who can ensure their business stays online, keeps their customer data protected, and makes sure they aren’t over-paying for an enterpriselevel security solution that they simply don’t need.

Most importantly, VSB owners don’t want to be a simple line-item for a large reseller who is more focused on enterprise system integration. VSBs want to know that the person selling them the solution and helping to install it will be the same person who answers the phone if there's problem. Independent resellers and VSBs are kindred spirits in many ways - both rely on their reputation to win and maintain their business opportunities,and both are looking for straightforward solutions to problems.

Kaspersky Lab understands that VSBs need more than a consumer solution to protect their business needs, and Independent Resellers need better options than a scaled-down enterprise solution to offer their customers. That’s why Kaspersky Lab is the first and only vendor to offer a security solution built from the ground-up specifically with VSBs in mind - Kaspersky Small Office Security.

Specifically for Small Businesses

Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed for businesses that don’t have IT teams but still want sophisticated protection for their customers and internal data. Resellers can easily have Kaspersky Small Office Security fully deployed in a single afternoon, and won’t leave their customers to deal with settings and customizations they don’t understand or need. With no daily maintenance required, VSB owners and employees can get back to focusing on their business, and not worrying about their security.

Garry Kondakov, Chief Sales, Marketing and Support Officer for Kaspersky Lab, comments: "Kaspersky Lab started as a very small business and is still privately owned, with co-founder Eugene Kaspersky actively involved in day-to-day operations.The start-up attitude is built into the very core of our company, and that’s why we’ve committed to offering the only security solution in the market built for very small businesses. At Kaspersky Lab, we understand that serving the needs of small business is personal, and we believe that the technologies and elegant design of Kaspeisky Small Office Security allows our partners to offer the best combination of sophisticated protection with their own personal touch."

Costomers will see the difference in Kaspressky ad's industry-leading anti-malware protection, and will be equipped with features like automatic Data Backup and a Password Manager that will make an immediate impact on the overall security of the business. Kaspersky Small Office Security also empowers customers to enforce web-usage policies for employees, and lets them encrypt their most sensitive data to ensure it never falls into the wrong hands. VSBs may think advanced features like mobile device security, data encryption, and web usage policies are tools only available to larger businesses, but Kaspersky Small Qffice security makes these technologies accessible and easy to use. An IT reseller can be mystify these supposedly complex technologies in a single day and ensure their costomers are protected against the most advanced malware and IT security issues that plague businesses of all sizes.

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