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Kaspersky Internet Security for Android - Middle East Edition


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Android security – to protect your devices, your data and your identity

When it comes to viruses, Internet attacks, identity theft and criminals trying to steal banking or credit card data your smartphone and tablet are just as vulnerable as your computer. Furthermore, today’s compact mobile devices are easy to lose and easy for thievaes to target – so there’s an even greater risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android delivers Kaspersky Lab’s latest mobile security technologies – including superior anti-theft protection and Android antivirus. It’s the easy-to-use, single solution that’s optimised to protect both Android smartphones and Android tablets from Internet security threats with minimal impact on the performance of your devices.

Keep your data and your identity secure, with:

  • Anti-malware Protection – including Kaspersky’s latest Android antivirus technologies
  • Web Protection – against Internet-based attacks and phishing websites
  • Anti-Theft Protection – with remote access to special security features on your missing device
  • Privacy Protection – to control what others can see or access when they pick up your smartphone
  • Call & Text Filter – so your smartphone only receives the calls and texts you want to receive


1 PC 1 Year

$ 9.95

1 PC 1 Year Renewal

$ 6.95

1 PC 2 Years

$ 14.95

1 PC 2 Years Renewal

$ 10.95


  • One solution that can protect an Android smartphone or tablet

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android provides a single solution that makes it easy to protect either your:

    • Android smartphone, or
    • Android tablet

    … so you can enjoy the Internet to its full potential – for shopping, banking, surfing and social networking – regardless of your choice of Android device.

  • Security that’s easy to manage

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes a new Protection Status Dashboard that provides:

    • A single-screen view of all security activities and settings for your Android smartphone or tablet – so it’s easy to see anything that needs your attention, including:
      • Unscanned mobile apps
      • Out-of-date databases
      • Expired licences
      • Changes to initial settings… and more
    • Simple controls that help you to fix issues – with just one click

  • Android Antivirus Protection

    Kaspersky is recognised for its award-winning anti-malware technologies – and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android builds on this reputation by providing:

    Kaspersky’s latest protection technologies (FREE *)

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android protects against:

    • Viruses
    • Spyware
    • Trojan viruses
    • Bots… and more

    By combining traditional, signature-based anti-malware technologies plus new, proactive, behavioural technologies, Kaspersky’s Android antivirus software works in the background – to deliver world-class protection, without any significant impact on the performance of your mobile devices. Every file, application and media file is scanned to help keep you safe from malware infections.

    On-demand Android antivirus scanning (FREE *)

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android lets you manually check downloaded apps and files, by running a:

    • Full scan for Android malware
    • Folder scan – to scan selected folders
    • Memory scan
    • Quick Scan – to scan the apps on your Android smartphone or tablet

    Real-Time Protection (PREMIUM version only **)

    In addition to traditional, signature-based technologies and new, proactive behavioural technologies, the premium version of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android also includes powerful cloud-based security features. With cloud-assisted protection, Kaspersky can deliver real-time defence against new and emerging Internet security threats – so your devices are protected against the very latest attacks.

    The premium version of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android also provides automatic virus-scanning of any applications that you download or install.

  • Web Protection (PREMIUM version only **)

    Whether you’re using your home computer, your Android smartphone or your Android tablet to access the Internet, it’s always the same Internet – with all the same web-based threats, malware and cybercrime traps. So Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes technologies for:

    Safe and secure web browsing:

    • Protects your online identity – by blocking dangerous and fraudulent links, including phishing and malicious websites that have been designed to steal your money

    Checking URLs within text messages on your Android smartphone:

    • Inspects any links you receive in text messages – and tells you if they’re malicious or a phishing attempt

  • Anti-Theft Protection (FREE *)

    With innovative features that help you to protect your personal information if your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen – plus technologies that can help you to find your missing device – Kaspersky Internet Security for Android does more to protect your Android devices and the sensitive data stored on them:

    Anti-Theft Web Management – makes it easy to interact with your missing phone or tablet

    Kaspersky’s Anti-Theft Web Management portal provides you with a personal, web-based control centre – to enable remote interaction with your missing Android device. Designed for ease of use, the Anti-Theft Web Management portal allows you to:

    • Activate and manage Kaspersky Internet Security for Android anti-theft features – including Lock and Locate, Data Wipe, Alarm and Mugshot
    • See logs of recent activities – including activated commands, the status of anti-theft commands and their subsequent results

    Lock and Locate – lets you remotely lock your Android device and find its location

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android gives you remote access to security features that:

    • Block your Android smartphone or tablet – so no one can access your private information
    • Show you the missing device’s approximate location – by using GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi and a Google Map link
    • Let you display your own custom message on your blocked device’s screen – to encourage an unauthorised user to return your device

    Data Wipe – protects your sensitive information

    If you’re not sure you’re going to be able to recover your missing smartphone or tablet, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android lets you remotely wipe your personal information from your device. You can choose between:

    • Wipe of SD card + personal information:

      To delete all data from the device’s SD memory card and erase information about your:

      • Call history
      • Google Play account
      • Email account
      • Social network accounts
      • Text messages
      • Contacts
      • Calendar entries
    • Wipe of SD card + device reset:

      To delete all information stored in your Android device and on its SD memory card – plus reset the device to its default factory settings

  • Alarm – helps you to find your device

    If you suspect you’ve mislaid your Android tablet or smartphone somewhere close by, you can use the Kaspersky Anti-Theft Web Management portal to activate an audible alarm on your device – and your device will sound the alarm until you deactivate it with your secret code.

  • Mugshot – helps to identify unauthorised users

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes a Mugshot feature that can take a series of photos of the person using your Android device – and then send the photos to your personal Kaspersky Anti-Theft Web Management account.

  • SIM Watch for smartphones – ensures remote access, even if the SIM card is replaced

    If a thief changes the SIM card in your Android smartphone, Kaspersky’s SIM Watch technology will send you the device’s new phone number – so you still have remote access to the special Kaspersky security features, including:

    • Lock and Locate
    • Data Wipe
    • Alarm
    • Mugshot

  • Secret code – prevents the uninstallation of security software

    In order to protect Kaspersky Internet Security for Android against unauthorised attempts to uninstall it, the product includes a secret code feature. Without the secret code, no one can uninstall the Kaspersky security software from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Call & Text Filter for smartphones (FREE *)

    To help ensure you only receive the calls and SMS texts that you want to receive, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes call & text filtering features that help you to avoid unwanted calls. With Kaspersky’s Call & Text Filter, you can:

    • Manually or automatically add phone numbers – from incoming calls and text messages – to your own Whitelist or Blacklist of numbers
    • Automatically block calls and text messages from hidden and non-numeric numbers
    • Select from the following filtering profile options:
      • Texts only
      • Calls only
      • Texts & calls

  • Privacy Protection for smartphones (PREMIUM version only **)

    If someone picks up your Android smartphone, how can you prevent them from accessing details of your private mobile communications? Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes Privacy Protection – which can be activated manually, automatically or remotely – so you can easily hide your:

    • Contacts
    • Incoming calls
    • Outgoing calls
    • Text messages
    • Logs

    * These features are available free of charge.
    ** These features are available for purchase.

Rigorous protection technologies
Manual scanning for malware – for apps & devices
Automated scanning for malware – for apps & devices
Data protection – if your device is lost or stolen
Protection against phishing sites & SMS links
Flexible call & text filtering* features
Privacy Protection – to hide contacts, calls, texts & logs from prying eyes*
Support for Android Wear simplifies security management
Easy, online control of security functions and more

Supported Platforms:

  • Android 2.3 – 4.2
  • Minimum screen resolution: 320 x 480
  • Only ARM-based devices are supported
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